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Well today I set myself a goal. I was going to spend some time in the great out doors and reconnect with the natural world. I have been feeling a little disconnected from life and believe that I need to get out more and reconnect with the world around me.

So after I finished work today I went to Marsden Weir, and sat by some rocks. Around me the breeze blew. Lizards stirred on the rocks. Down by the water, a lone frog sung his croaky song.

I unwrapped my flute and listening to the frogs song I began to follow the frog’s tune. Soon we were singing together. Sharing our music with the lizards and trees and the softly trickling water of the Wollondilly River as it cascades over the weir.

After I played for about 20 minutes I stood and moved up the embankment and cast a circle. I thanked the God and Goddess. I asked for the Gods to allow the air to fill my lungs to give me energy. The earth under my feet to give me strength, the sun above to warm me and recharge me and the water flowing by to calm my soul.

I left the Weir feeling at peace.

So what have I learned from this?

Well I think the simplest lesson is that we are apart of nature. We should not disconnect ourselves from the natural world.



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Lost on the Path

It is sometimes the case, that we as Pagans get lost in the burdens of the world in which we live. We can feel cut off from the natural world surrounded as we are by the artificial worlds of television, the internet and the urban jungle that we create for ourselves.

I have felt that way myself lately.

So what is the answer?

For me I think I need to get back to basics. I need to step outside of the box I have put myself in and reach out to nature and to the things I enjoy.

I am going to go out and spend some time in the local park. I feel I need to feel connected to the trees and nature. I am going to also start reading some of my pagan books again. I want to reconnect myself to my spiritual side.

For the next few months that is what this blog will be about.

You are welcome to join me on my journey.



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