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Pagans and Depression

One thing I have noticed in my years as a pagan is there are many of my fellow pagans, including myself, who suffer from various degrees of depression.

Some might argue that it is that in the pagan community we are depressed because we have forsaken main stream religion. Some might say that but I strongly disagree.

I think the reason so many admit to having depression in the pagan community is that we know that we will be accepted and not given a stigma like can happen in society in general.

I know my own experience have been that in general outside of the pagan community have been mixed. Some accept it as an illness. Many laugh it off and dismiss it saying to just “get over it. We all get sad sometimes.”

In the pagan community there is a strong feeling of fellowship. People are understanding and supportive. I think the fact that we are honest with each other when we might hide our beliefs from others leads us to be honest about other things too.

The upside of this is that we come together. We are supportive. I know I have benefited from the support and understanding of my fellow pagans.

For that I am grateful to them and to the Gods.


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