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Solitary or Group?

I have been a solitary for many years and for most of that I have been happy to be so. I had heard the horror stories of people joining covens and then the experience being so bad they lost their faith. I had counselled some on this to try and help them separate the hurt their felt from their religion. It was after all not their spiritual path that was wrong. It was the group that was wrong for them.

I understand that even more now.

Recently I joined a group of like minded individuals. Their goals seemed to match my own. It was good at first but time passed and I began to see their way of doing things was not mine. I don’t blame them. It was my own choice to join and my choice to leave because I did not fit.

When you seek out others there needs to be that blending and meshing. If something does not feel like it fits you, then it likely does not and it is then not for you.

Would I continue to work with them? On specific things yes I might if asked.

I would like to think it has not effected me spiritually but I know it has. I feel a little jaded like many of those who get caught up in a group situation and find they don’t fit.

I am not giving up my beliefs in the old ways. I am not giving up on one day finding a group I do fit with. I choose not to let this experience jade me.

So I asked the question Solitary or Group?

I think for me, it will be the Solitary path. Partially by choice and partially because I have so few options.

My spiritual Guides are usually so clear. I should have known the group was not blessed by them. Things that are I get a clear sign from the Phoenix or the Wolf. Group activities have always had the Phoenix bless it. My first gathering. The recent retreat. Even the idea of getting a drum all had the Phoenix touch. I recently bought a Native American Flute. It is a solitary activity for me and what should the flute have but a Wolf as it’s totem or fetish.

So my advice to anyone thinking about joining a group. Go slow. Get to know them and how they do things and then decide if it is for you.

Blessed Be


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